Onyx Path and Meta-plot

While assembling Lost Chronicles, we had a number of discussions about what we should be doing, as an organization, and how to build a better setting for our shared hobby. I think that one of the most important things was the idea of meta-plot and how we should address it. There were three options that we particularly focused on; no meta-plot, Lost Chronicles created meta-plot, or use of an external meta-plot / meta-story.

The idea of launching Lost Chronicles without pre-established meta-plot was unpopular for a number of reasons, and the discussion surrounding this brought forward a number of considerations. The first was continuity; as people filtered in or out of Lost Chronicles, the world would change. Without an established base, the direction of story could be easily swayed by a single person, or lost with changes in staff; using the Onyx Path material provides a guideline for how things were and how things should be in the future. The second was the integration of new chapters; having an external baseline offers games the potential to independently align to Lost Chronicles with less effort than many of us had observed or experienced in previous situations. Without a baseline, adjusting to a network can be very difficult. The final element was administration; if each game and Coordinator were to put forward the meta-story for Lost Chronicles, everything would need to be meticulously recorded to avoid plot holes and massive inconsistency, which is extremely difficult to maintain over time. These counter arguments were sufficient to advance the acceptance of external meta-story for Lost Chronicles.

The decision to maintain White Wolf’s Classic World of Darkness and OWbN history was made early, and the selection of an external source for new and developing meta-plot was relatively simple: By Night Studios or Onyx Path. To select By Night Studios would have required us to radically change or dispose of much of what we wanted to keep, so it was a non-starter. Onyx Path was the logical decision, and in the year since we made that decision, it has continued to be a solid choice. Their material is a clear extension of the pre-Time of Judgment Classic World of Darkness story line which was the genesis of OWbN, and, in turn, our starting point. With the ongoing success of their KickStarters, Onyx Path continues to pick up the writers which made the World of Darkness so appealing in the first place, and the story they are putting forward is well aligned with the flavor that Lost Chronicles has embraced.

Though I still expect that we will move in our own direction in time, I hope that it will be an interesting experience for everybody involved and do believe that this was the right direction for us to go. I hope that time will prove me right.

Jason Robinson
Executive Administrator, Lost Chronicles


One thought on “Onyx Path and Meta-plot”

  1. Personally I love the idea of a grand meta-plot to help guide the chronicles a bit, cause when in doubt there is always the GRAND META-PLOT!!!! dun dun duuuunnnn!!!! lol anyways as for which direction the OP/BNS one is ok I don’t want to go by the BNS rules at all but I like their ideas at least. This is my 2-cents on the matter.

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