Genesis of Lost Chronicles

In the early days of 2011, a number of people I associated with in One World by Night noticed that things were going wrong. These people were discussing leaving OWbN and do something different. I thought things could be fixed and started a working group to address some of the issues we identified.

The one item that the group clearly agreed upon was a lack of a unified direction in OWbN which resulted in 100 people pushing in different directions, with those hundred voices changing on a regular basis, injected more chaos into the situation. This was best reflected in the idea that the OWbN Council only had a limited memory which resulted in the same topics being discussed in different ways with different outcomes each time.

To address this issue the group built a document that is similar to the Lost Chronicles Charter, which became the OWbN Charter. There was a strong sentiment at the time that there were too many rules in OWbN and a popular voice ensured that this new Charter would not be binding. Although it was approved, it had no teeth and the aimlessness continued.

There were some major shifts in OWbN at the start of 2014, but as with many radical changes, change brought hope, the potential was unrealized, and turned to despair. Many of the same people that were part of the first group asked if it was time, and I agreed and we started Lost Chronicles.

We have defined our direction with the Lost Chronicles Charter and we have established our expectations for all participants with the Code of Ethics. I am once again hopeful that we will have a fun place to play and for our game to interact. Ultimately we will get out of Lost Chronicles what we put into it; therefore, I encourage each of you to put forward the best that you can, and please be considerate of everybody else that calls Lost Chronicles theirs as well.

Jason Robinson
Executive Administrator, Lost Chronicles